Resources and Tutorials

Many of the topics we’ve covered at Maptime Boston have repositories on out GitHub page: Below is a list of tutorials and resources from most of our past meetups. Additional links can often be found in discussions on our Meetup event pages, so be sure to look there too.

Web Maps 101 by Andy Woodruff and Mike Foster

OpenStreetMap 101 by Jake Wasserman

Intro to QGIS - Make a Map by Mike Foster

Leaflet: Make a web map! by Andy Woodruff

Git and GitHub for Geodata by Calvin Metcalf

Mapping with D3 by Andy Woodruff

Spatial Data Formats by Shaun Walbridge

Projections and Coordinate Systems by Mike Foster

Hand Drawn Maps by Carolyn Fish (see the maps people drew, too)

Migrating to Leaflet 1.0 by Ryan Mullins

Mapping with R by Kent Johnson

Intro to PostGIS by Regina Obe and Leo Hsu

Map Design by Mike Foster and Andy Woodruff

Geospatial Processing with Python by Jake Wasserman

Geoprocessing with turf.js by Bill Morris

Geospatial Processing with Julia by Yeesian Ng