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Maptime Boston in Action!
David's BeerLeaf Map.
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OpenStreetMap -
A Gentle Introduction

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The plan:

(Part 1/2) OpenStreetMap is a free geographic dataset of natural and man-made features on the Earth's surface

(Part 2/2) OpenStreetMap can be edited by anyone! The dataset has been built by millions of (mostly) volunteers.

Wikipedia of Maps!

Coastlines / Lakes / Rivers

© OpenStreetMap Contributors


© OpenStreetMap Contributors

Railroad Tracks

© OpenStreetMap Contributors


© OpenStreetMap Contributors

Stores / POIs

© OpenStreetMap Contributors

Traffic Lights

© OpenStreetMap Contributors


© OpenStreetMap Contributors

Turn Restrictions ("No Left Turn")

© OpenStreetMap Contributors

Lots More! check out: OSM Map Features

Anything verifiable on the ground is okay in OSM

Disney World (Zoom in)

© OpenStreetMap Contributors

Karlsruhe, Germany

© OpenStreetMap Contributors

So what?

Trees? Who cares about trees?

Getting your hands on proprietary map data (like a road network) costs a lot of money.

Map Pricing

Now anybody can play



Axis Maps Typography Map

TopOSM by Lars

© OpenStreetMap Contributors

Make Your Own! TileMill TileMill2.

Scoot Navigation

© OpenStreetMap Contributors

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Telenav now using OSM for their navigation app, Scout.

New York Times article

OpenStreetMap is taking over!

In a few years, OSM will be the foundation of

Cool! How do I contribute?

Two main editors

Things to focus on today in iD:

Also checkout MapRoulette

Add meaningful changeset comments. Include "#maptimeBoston" for this event.

OSM Dos and Don'ts

Must: Provide attribution if you display OSM data

"© OpenStreetMap Contributors" and
link to license openstreetmap.org/copyright

Don't: Copy data from other maps (Google, Bing, etc.)

Do: Read Good Practice

Don't: Delete a bunch of data unless it's incorrect. Contact the original contributor.

Do: Ask questions. OSM mailing lists Don't: Guess.

Be Careful: "Mixing" OSM with other datasets. Read ODbL. Could trigger sharealike. Generally, displaying things on top of OSM is okay.

Do: Watch your changes go live on openstreetmap.org. Takes a few minutes.

Must: Have fun!!!

Where to get OSM data

openstreetmap.org download

Mapzen metro extracts
Available in multiple formats including GeoJSON. Download small file, unzip, and drag to geojson.io

Want more? Join
OpenStreetMap Boston.
OSM 201: July 29. Sign up!

Want more?
Avid Geo Project Night.
Tomorrow night @ Hack/Reduce.

Do it!