September Maptime - Mapping with R

For our September Maptime, Kent Johnson gave us an introduction to mapping with R, from working with geospatial data to creating a simple Leaflet map. The data, project, and presentation materials are on Kent’s GitHub account.

Wednesday, Sep 16 2015

July Maptime - Hand Drawn Maps

For our July Maptime, Carolyn Fish (@cartofish) led a session on hand-drawn maps. She showed us some examples of different types of beautiful hand drawn maps old and new, and then we all drew our own maps. At the end we all shared our maps and stories with the group. There were some maps of important places to people, of daily commutes, of fictional places, and many other things. There were many amazing maps!

Here are Carolyn’s slides:

Below are some of the maps people drew. Keep ‘em coming!

See you next month, mappers!

Wednesday, Jul 15 2015

June Maptime - Show and Tell (and our first birthday!)

It’s #maptimeBoston’s first birthday so let’s do a show-and-tell night! Bring your projects at whatever stage (finished, in-progress, unformed idea) to share with the group and get friendly, supportive feedback.

Whether for fun or for work, your first map or your 1000th, we’d love to see what you’ve been up to! As always, beginners are very welcome and especially encouraged to show anything they’ve learned at Maptime.

If you just want to come to see what others are doing or you’re looking for inspiration, show up!

Anyone planning to show something will have about 5 minutes or less.

Wednesday, Jun 17 2015

May Maptime - Mapbox Studio and CartoCSS

For our May Maptime, we worked with Mapbox Studio, a powerful tool for designing global basemaps driven by vector tiles. Mapbox Studio allows you to style maps using a world of OpenStreetMap data provided, or use your own data. We went through the basics of the software, the CartoCSS styling language, and how to share maps.

We followed Mapbox Guides for much of this:

“Getting started” guides

Getting Started with Mapbox Studio

Studio style quickstart

Studio source quickstart

Data sources

Studio source manual

CartoCSS and styling

CartoCSS in Studio

Studio style manual

Wednesday, May 20 2015

March Maptime - Spatial Data Formats and Data Sources

For our March Maptime, Shaun Walbridge is going to talk all about GeoJSON, TopoJSON, Shapefiles and your other favorite spatial data formats.

Update: The spatial data formats talk is up at, with a full repository up on Github. We also had a few additional tools and formats come up in the discussion:

  • csvkit for slicing, dicing, and even joining CSV files (suggested by Sean Sweeney)
  • pygeobuf, a protobuf based format for encoding GeoJSON-like streams.

CartoDB is sponsoring Maptime this month and will be buying pizza for us!

Beginners are encouraged, and be sure bring your laptop.

Wednesday, Mar 18 2015